our dogs

Bulldogs have appeared in my house in 1992 and settled in it and in my heart forever...
My family (husband and son) support me in my passion and is my faithful assistants.

 Since 1996 I am a breeder kennel Dalvos Alkasar
and I have received more than 30 litters of English Bulldogs.
Among them are over 40 National Champions in different countries.

In my breeding, I use offspring Lav Eipril, Merriveen, Jubilee, Ocobo, Groz Kriger, etc. 
I cultivate a linear dilution in outstanding bulldog: Merriveen Make My Day, working with his grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-grandchildren in a few generations.
The standard breeder for me is the legendary Mrs Pat Dellar (Merriveen kennels) 
and I'm happy to have the blood of the kennel almost all of their dogs.
A very important role in my vision and perception of the bulldog and the prioritization of the breed,played Olga Kupriyanovа - Shinko, my faithful mentor and friend.
And I thank fate and God, for our meeting many years ago.
To date, my preference in the breed - a bulldog with a strong constitution, productive movements, with a strong durable front and a healthy active temperament, allowing them to compete with large motor loads.
Health, adequate and correct mentality correct Bulldog movement for me - the fundamental points in the breeding (in addition to anatomy).
Bulldog who can not show their movement or dog aggressive (cowardly) configured to others, to me is unacceptable.

The last few years my family lived in a country house, where we have created for our pets all the necessary conditions for living and walking in the area of 0.5 hectares of land.
Our bulldogs have a constant motor load and successfully participated in numerous competitions every level of personnel (including those in important exhibitions in Europe and the world).
For me the Bulldog - a matter of life and I give myself to it completely ...
I'll be happy with my help if any of you become the owner of a small miracle named Dalvos Alkasar!

With  love of bulldogs, with respect to the
visitors to my site, Belomyttseva Oksana.